Re: What ports will be needed to support hm and loggregator

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At least for loggregator to successflly talk to metron agents, you need to
add a rule to a security group for your private subnet allowing the ingress
UDP traffic through ports 3456 and 3457 from all hosts ( See
more about security group rules needed for CF here -

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 1:04 PM, Meng, Xiangyi <xiangyi.meng(a)> wrote:


I am updating my cf env from 172 to 197. But I found some issues after
upgrade is done. I couldn’t get the correct running application instance

CF_TRACE=true cf apps

"running_instances": -1,

application started ?/3

Another issue is I can’t get log information from loggregator. “cf logs”
showed nothing after I restarted my application.

I think this may be related to our firewall configuration. Because in
another environment where no firewall is configured, hm and loggregator
work perfectly well. We have firewalls for deas, routers and all other
components separately(three firewalls). So would anyone please tell me what
ports we should open for deas, routers or other components?


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