Re: uaa: stand-alone usage questions

Paul Bakare

Yes, we're using the default uaa db schema. Of course we have existing
user-store which we migrated into UAA user's table. We simply wrote custom
migration scripts to map our legacy users with UAA user model.

Yes, we built our own UI's powered by UAA rest api. Considering the fact
that, we have custom workflow requirements per token grant types (be it,
authorization code, client_credentials or password), we needed to control
the UI flow.

We just went live 2 weeks ago. Things are looking just fine. No
complications yet. Yes, we're using it for JWT. Much of the JWT token
encoding and decoding has been handled by UAA and exposed through the UAA

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 3:21 AM, tony kerz <anthony.kerz(a)> wrote:

thanks kayode,

(1) so are you using the default uaa db schema, or are you using your own
schema? i was wondering if anyone had an existing user-store that they
tried to have uaa go against as-is, vs using the out-of-the-box uaa schema.
i assume that would require some sort of custom integration, so wondering
if anyone attempted that.

(2) sorry for being dense, but why did you build wrappers around uaa
api's? to facilitate your own front-end to the uaa functions? (e.g. add
user, add group, add user to group, etc) this question was if anyone built
their own ui powered by the uaa rest-api...

(4) so how long have you been running uaa in production? is it working
well for you? are you using it for JWT?


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