Re: uaa: stand-alone usage questions

Paul Bakare

Hi Tony,

see responses inline:

On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 9:04 PM, tony kerz <anthony.kerz(a)> wrote:

(1) ever attempt to point to an external idp? (if so, what was required
for customization?)
Yes. We're currently using it in production with postgres db. How you want
UAA to work all happens within your custom uaa.yml file.

(2) did you have to write any custom ui against rest-api? (api/cli looks
full-featured, but i could see cases requiring interaction with non-tech
end-users (cli would be outside of their comfort-zone), to do basic things
like add a new user, or add a user to a group, etc).
Yes. We built wrapper APIs around UAA's REST APIs. It's pretty
straight-forward actually.

(3) community support? (obviously there is this mailing list, but are
there any other forums (e.g. google-groups, gitter, slack, discord, etc) )
This mailing list has been extremely helpful. Thanks to Filip Hanick

(4) general developer/user experience with product in that context?
We haven't had any use-case to customise the UX.

(5) databases other than ones mentioned (postgres, mysql)? e.g. anyone
ever use with sql-server? anyone ever attempt to integrate with
non-relational like mongo, cassandra, etc? (if so, what was required?)
I've once asked in this forum about integration with Cassandra. The answer
is simply "no".

(6) any ever attempt to obtain 'pro-support' for consulting or production,
like thru pivotal or other?
So far we haven't.


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