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Mike Youngstrom <youngm@...>

This is awesome dr. max! Easily the most requested feature in my
enterprise. I'm super excited to see this proposal. I'll give it a review
next week.


On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 4:51 PM, Michael Maximilien <maxim(a)>

Hi, all,

For the past month, working with colleagues from IBM Research, as well as
colleagues from Pivotal, and EMC, we have created the first version of a
proposal to add persistent storage to CF applications.

The gist of the proposal is to introduce a special kind of broker that
would collaborate with Diego and an external Storage Provider that
implements a common interface (SPI) to give CF apps that use this broker,
access to persistent storage that not only persist applications crashes but
could potentially scale and perform to the ability of the SPI. The goal
would be that different SPIs could exist for different types of storage
systems such as clustered file systems and others.

We are inviting all interested parties to comment on this proposal and /
or this thread. We are hoping for an open discussion and feedback cycle
that result in an updated proposal that includes agreed upon steps
(architecture, design, goals) for incubating this into CF.

At the end of the day, our aim is to innovate. Expand the platform to more
users and make more customers happy.

Hope you join us in this effort. All the best,

Max on behalf of the CF-Persitence working team

ibm cloud labs
sillicon valley, ca

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