Stack verification during application push

Ronak Banka

Hello ,

As of now with the "upstream buildpack" there is a restriction for stack
name with which one can push a application (cflinuxfs2)

Use case is to place applications on different sets of DEA's , as there is
no placement pool functionality with the DEA itself.

We have different sets of DEA's which are provisioned on different networks.
Those DEA's have stacks property where stack name is changed from cflinuxfs2
to dev or stg (acting as a tag ) keeping the root file system same, so we
can actually push a application with those stack names published by DEA.

We have a proposal to actually make this stack check optional by introducing
a environment variable which can be switched on from application manifest as
detailed in below PR.

This thing will be going inside every upstream buildpack if accepted so i
thought cf-dev is the proper place to discuss this.

Whole point of doing this is to avoid forking and maintaining separate
offline buildpacks.

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