Re: Made a PHP 7 enabled buildpack

JT Archie <jarchie@...>

Hi, Christian. I'm from the buildpacks team.

Last time we investigated PHP7, we ran into the same issue, no extensions
besides core work with PHP7. When we investigated, it appeared to be a
chicken and egg problem. Most of the extensions said they wouldn't update
till PHP7 officially dropped.

Can people deploy their apps with just core PHP7?

We are also awaiting final release before we add it to the buildpack. This
is RC7, so hopefully we are close.

Please keep us up to date though on anything you find.

Kind Regards,


On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 2:57 PM, Christian Stocker <me(a)> wrote:

Hi all

Today I added PHP 7.0.0RC7 to my php buildpack fork. In case you're
interested in testing PHP 7.0 on CloudFoundry today, just add "" as a buildpack.

It doesn't have many extensions outside the standard ones (acutally just
one, imagick), is not very well tested and also includes my varnish
extension (but that's not enabled, if you don't change any setting). Apart
from that it's like the standard php-buildpack and should be quite
up-to-date with merges from that.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it (and I'm sure, the official
maintainers will soon add official PHP 7.0 support)



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