Re: Inline-relations-depth: deprecation and its consequences

Simon D Moser

Hi Ponraj,

#1) Because IRD can quickly become quite expensive DB query wise, since it
would follow all relations given your query. Eg v2/organizations with IRD
2 or 3 would drag along A LOT of things, most in which you probably aren't
interested in

#2) Yes, in v3 API there is a way to specify what resources you exactly
want when you query - e.g. v3/organizations and you pass (spaces, routes)
because thats what you're really interested in

check the v3 style guide for the correct syntax etc:

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From: "Ponraj E" <ponraj.e(a)>
To: cf-dev(a)
Date: 19/11/2015 13:02
Subject: [cf-dev] Re: Inline-relations-depth: deprecation and its


If anyone can provide information on this atleast, it would help.

1. Why the "inline-relations-depth" feature is going to be deprecated.

2. Does cf has planned any other alternative solution in the near future
to replace "inline-relations-depth"?


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