Parthiban Annadurai <senjiparthi@...>

Hello All,
Since, I was facing the following issue for very long time, I have opened it as a separate thread. The problem am currently facing is

Error 400007: `api_z1/0' is not running after update

I have SSHed into the api_z1/0 VM and did a monit summary. It shows that

root(a)5c446a3d-3070-4d24-9f2e-1cff18218c07:/var/vcap/sys/log# monit summary
The Monit daemon 5.2.4 uptime: 20m

Process 'cloud_controller_ng' initializing
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_1' not monitored
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_2' not monitored
Process 'nginx_cc' initializing
Process 'metron_agent' running
File 'nfs_mounter' Does not exist
System 'system_5c446a3d-3070-4d24-9f2e-1cff18218c07' running

Could anyone help on this issue? Thanks.

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