Re: CF CLI v6.14.0 Released Today

Greg Oehmen

Nice & congrats!!!

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, Koper, Dies <diesk(a)>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.14.0. Binaries and link to release notes are
available at:

Highlights of this release include:

*RBAC for Org and Space Managers*

With this release of the CLI, Org Managers can assign org and space roles
to users. Also, Space Managers can assign space roles to users in their
org, using the existing `cf set-org-role` and `cf set-space-role` (and
equivalent ‘unset’) commands. This feature was previously only available to
admin users.

Note that this feature requires the target CF release to be v219 (CC API
v2.37.0) or higher, and the feature flags ‘set_roles_by_username’ and ’
set_roles_by_username’ to be enabled (use `cf feature-flags` to check).

Related to the above, as an Org Manager creating an org using `cf
create-org`, you will now be assigned Org Manager role in it
automatically so you can start managing it straight away.

*Other Features:*

- New command `cf purge-service-instance` for admins dealing with an
unresponsive service instance, to delete it
- New command `cf router-groups` for admins to list the type of router
groups configured. This command is in preparation of new Routing features
to be rolled out in the near future, and relies on the Routing API endpoint
made available in the targeted CF
- The version reported by `cf -v` is now SemVer <>
compliant and easier to understand by leaving out the build time component: cf
version 6.14.0+2654a47-2015-11-18

*Bug Fixes:*

- Fixed issues <> in help
and usage of `cf stack` and `cf stacks`. [PR from SrinivasChilveri]
- Fixed issues <>
in help examples of `cf create-service`
- Fixed issue <> with
plugins with long command names
- `cf push` did not upload empty folders
<>, causing an
issue with the Java buildpack not recognizing a valid Web application with
an empty WEB-INF folder
- When pushing small apps with `cf push`, the ‘bytes’ unit was omitted
<> in the upload
status message

*Improved User Experience/Error Messages:*

- Meaningful error message
<> when trying to
create a user with `cf create-user` and passing in an invalid username
- Proper error message <>
when passing more arguments than the required app name argument to `cf
ssh`. [PR from SrinivasChilveri]
- Fixed typo <> in `cf
space` help. [PR from Matthew M. Boedicker]
- Updated the bug report template
<> (both on the
GitHub CLI repo page and in the CLI “panic” message) to request more
details, such as trace output, and reproducibility on the latest CLI release

*CLI Plugins Development:*

- Tokens are now refreshed
<> automatically when
the AccessToken plugin method is called.
- Added <>
documentation and coding examples around libraries available for TDD plugin
- Plugin API was leaking file descriptors
- MinCliVersion in PluginMetadata was not working
<> for certain CLI
- Field PackageUpdatedAt in GetApp response was not populated

*New Plugins:*

- *Manifest Generator Plugin *



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