Cloudfoundry UAA / Questions

Satyapal Reddy

Looking into using UAA and have couple of questions:

1. For users created in UAA database, are there any policies we could apply regarding password expiry/strength of the password/lockout on repeated retry failures etc..?
2. Is there any pluggable mechanism for user creation in UAA that we could use to create them say in AD – instead of in UAA user database?
3. Is there any work/pocs done on UAA integration with Shibboleth Identity provider to have federated identity? I.e. Integration with identity providers behind firewalls?
4. Is UAA HA/DR capable if the underlying user database is replicated? Basically does it boil down to underlying UAA database HA/DR and any tenants identity provider’s HA/DR capability?
5. Other than notion of Zones/Multi-tenants are there any advantages of using UAA over plain Spring Security OAuth2/Spring Cloud Security?


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