Parthiban Annadurai <senjiparthi@...>

Hey Warren,
Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I have SSHed into
that VM. Monit Summary Command shows the following,

root(a)5c446a3d-3070-4d24-9f2e-1cff18218c07:/var/vcap/sys/log# monit summary
The Monit daemon 5.2.4 uptime: 20m

Process 'cloud_controller_ng' initializing
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_1' not monitored
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_2' not monitored
Process 'nginx_cc' initializing
Process 'metron_agent' running
File 'nfs_mounter' Does not exist
System 'system_5c446a3d-3070-4d24-9f2e-1cff18218c07' running

Also I have checked for cloud_controller_ng_ctl.log, it has the following,

[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] ------------ STARTING cloud_controller_ng_ctl at
Wed Nov 18 04:32:53 UTC 2015 --------------
[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] Preparing local package directory
[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] Preparing local resource_pool directory
[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] Preparing local droplet directory
[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] Deprecated: Use -s or --insert-seed flag
[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] Killing
/var/vcap/sys/run/cloud_controller_ng/ 32522
[2015-11-18 04:33:34+0000] .Stopped

Then, nfs_mounter_ctl.log has the following,

[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] Found NFS mount, unmounting...
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] NFS unmounted
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] idmapd start/post-stop, process 25777
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] NFS unmounted
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] Mounting NFS...
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] mount.nfs: timeout set for Wed Nov 18 04:29:20
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] mount.nfs: trying text-based options
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] mount.nfs: trying text-based options
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] mount.nfs: prog 100003, trying vers=3, prot=6
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] mount.nfs: prog 100005, trying vers=3, prot=17
[2015-11-18 04:27:20+0000] Failed to start: cannot write to NFS

I think the problem is with the NFS. Could you please help on this issue??


Parthiban A

On 18 November 2015 at 08:42, Warren Fernandes <wfernandes(a)>

Try ssh'ing onto the box to see what the logs say.

`bosh ssh api_z1 0`

`cd /var/vcap/sys/log/`

There are plenty of logs to look through, I'd start by running `monit
summary` (make sure to be root) to see if any process is failing. If there
is a process failing then look at its respective logs. Else start with
cloud_controller_ng log directory.

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