Re: [abacus-perf] Persisting Metrics performance

KRuelY <kevinyudhiswara@...>

Hi all,

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look at the suggestions, and think about
them more. The reason of saving to database and persisting them is to see
how my apps are doing at the specific time. Specifically when I'm asleep and
my apps are having problems, I would like to know which requests are
failing, why they're failing, and have concrete data to blame my
dependencies . Joke aside, my goal is what I have said. I would like to
persist the data.

I believe my tasks right now are:
1. to make my apps use breaker (with breaking turned off)
2. save to database.

One issue I know is that the name doesn't shows up correctly. It shows as
wrapper. Right now I'll not think about it, and focus on making my apps use
perf. Thanks!

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