S3 blobstore - getting signaturedoesnotmatch error

Anuj Jain <anujjai@...>


We have three Cloud foundry environment (Dev, STG and PROD) deployed using internal/private S3 blobstore (Cloudian) on internal VSphere cloud - all of a sudden we start getting 'SignatureDoesNotMatch' (or sometime 403 Forbidden) error while uploading release using bosh upload or trying to recreate any VM.

We are suspecting that we might need to pass/configure use signature-v2 option somewhere in the bosh and cloud foundry manifest files - I have few question on this

1/ What is the default request type (S2 or V4 signature) whey we do bosh deploy (to deploy bosh director using Micro Bosh)?
2/ How/Where can I change the signature request in Micro bosh manifest file?
3/ How/Where can I change the signature request in Bosh manifest file?
4/ In case of Cloud foundry - I think we can pass 'aws_signature_version' in fog connections config - please correct me if I am wrong
5/ can we use fog connections in Micro bosh and/or Bosh manifest

- Anuj

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