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Hi ankit,

First of all, do you think who is responsible to verify the signature? Your
application? Or (one of) the components of Cloud Foundry? I assume the
former is your answer. I think there is no functionality in Cloud Foundry to
verify client signature.

Then, if you use the Cloud Foundry java-buildpack to deploy your
application, I think there is the only one way to send key files with your
app on deployment. It is to add your key files to your app's war / jar / zip
file, primitively like:

jar uvf your-war-jar-zip-file path-to-your-key-files-or-directories

But you may add a maven / gradle task to do such a thing.

This is because the Cloud Foundry java-buildpack accepts only one zip-format
file on a deployment.

# Please correct this post if I am wrong. Thank you.

ankit wrote
Suppose my application is deployed on the cloud foundry and my client
sends a POST request that contains some message but that message is
digitally signed by client’s private key. So, I need client’s public
key(digital id of client) to verify my client for inbound calls in the
cloud foundry where application is running. So, can you tell me where can
I put these public keys(digital IDs of clients) in java build pack or any
other place.
Similarly, for outbound calls I want my message to be digitally signed and
for that I need private key to be used. So, where can I put that also?

I'm not a ...
noburou taniguchi
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