Re: Deploying a shell script driven java application to cf


Hi Dammina,

I think your case doesn't seem to fit the Cloud Foundry standard Java

One thing I can suggest is to use heroku-buildpack-runnable-jar [1]. With
this buildpack, you can start your app with a shell script.

But you probably have to modify it to fit your purpose. Also you should
calculate and specify appropriate memory for your app in the start script by

Or if you can use Diego, it may be a solution to create and use a Docker
image for your app. But I don't know much about Diego, so this may be wrong.


dammina sahabandu wrote
Hi All,
I have a java application which is a composition of several jars in the
running environment. The main jar is invoked by a shell script. Is it
possible to push such application into cloud foundry? And if it is
possible can you please help me on how to achieve that. A simple guide
will be really helpful.

Thank you in advance,

I'm not a ...
noburou taniguchi
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