Inline-relations-depth: deprecation and its consequences

Ponraj E


I am using cf version 211 and CC API version 2.28.0. I am curious to know why the "inline-relations-depth" is going to be deprecated. It seems to be a useful feature.

For instance, I have a use case where for an APP, I need to display the service bindings details. The details to be displayed are: "Instance name, Plan name, Service name, Dashboard url, Credentials etc".

The calls that had to be fired to achieve this are:
1. GET /v2/apps/0f27ab6c-c132-413d-8d6a-64551dcb73fc/service_bindings
2. GET /v2/service_instances/fbd24d3e-3fe5-4d89-9ef1-5f43b8bc3767
3. GET /v2/service_plans/32bd0e93-e856-4c89-9f97-ba5c09c84ac6
4. GET /v2/services/ffc81a4b-98e0-4aff-9901-399ef98638e0

Without this feature, performance delay is introduced for multiple calls, if the data is quite large. Not only this use case but we have other use cases where the "inline-relational-data" has to be retrieved and displayed.

Is there any other api which replaces this particular feature going to be introduced?. Any other solution also would help.


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