Re: [abacus] Eureka vs gorouter

Saravanakumar A. Srinivasan

I believe that Assk (@sasrin) has started to document the beginning of that monitoring setup as well in doc/ [1]
Yes...We have started to write down the steps to setup the Hystrix Dashboard to monitor Abacus and Thanks to @Hristo, we now have steps to configure Hystrix Dashboard using Cloud Foundry environment as well. 

There are several ways to set up Hystrix to monitor Cloud apps, but Eureka comes handy when you don't know their IP addresses ahead of time. The usual setup is then to use Eureka + Turbine + Hystrix (as described in [2]). You get > your apps to register with Eureka, set up Turbine to get their IPs from Eureka, and serve an aggregated performance data stream to your Hystrix dashboard for all your apps.

Last few days, I am working on getting Hystrix Dashboard to use Turbine +  Eureka to monitor Abacus and will be updating the document with the steps needed to get this going.   

Saravanakumar Srinivasan (Assk),

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