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Zhang Lei <harryzhang@...>

You can add different scheduling strategy into Diego by implementing a scheduler plugin.

But not Mesos, that would be a huge task and another story.

The reason Kubernetes can integrate Mesos as scheduler (can work, not perfect) is due to Mesosphere is doing that part, I'm afraid ...

在 2015-11-13 03:57:52,"Deepak Vij (A)" <deepak.vij(a)> 写道:

I did not mean to replace the whole “Diego” environment itself. What I was thinking was more in terms of plug-ability within Diego itself. This is so that “Auctioneer” component can be turned into a “Mesos Framework” as one of the scheduling options. By doing that, “Auctioneer” can start accepting “Mesos Offers” instead of native “Auctioning based Diego Resource Scheduling”. Rest of the runtime environment including Garden, Rep etc., they all stay the same. Nothing else changes. I hope this makes sense.

- Deepak

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Interesting proposition, wondering if it make sense to hook into Diego or CF.

Diego is connected to CF by the CC-Bridge (big picture) why not create a CC-Bridge for other scheduling system ?


On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 5:13 AM, Deepak Vij (A) <deepak.vij(a)> wrote:

Hi folks, I would like to start a discussion thread and get community thoughts regarding availability of Pluggable Resource Scheduling within CF/Diego. Just like Kubernetes does, wouldn’t it be nice to have an option of choosing Diego native scheduling or other uber/global resource management environments, specifically Mesos.

Look forward to comments and feedback from the community. Thanks.


Deepak Vij

(Huawei Software Lab., Santa Clara)

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