Re: Pluggable Resource Scheduling

Gwenn Etourneau


Interesting proposition, wondering if it make sense to hook into Diego or
Diego is connected to CF by the CC-Bridge (big picture) why not create a
CC-Bridge for other scheduling system ?


On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 5:13 AM, Deepak Vij (A) <deepak.vij(a)>

Hi folks, I would like to start a discussion thread and get community
thoughts regarding availability of Pluggable Resource Scheduling within
CF/Diego. Just like Kubernetes does, wouldn’t it be nice to have an option
of choosing Diego native scheduling or other uber/global resource
management environments, specifically Mesos.

Look forward to comments and feedback from the community. Thanks.


Deepak Vij

(Huawei Software Lab., Santa Clara)

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