[cf-abacus] Adding Node 5 to the Abacus CI build

Jean-Sebastien Delfino

Hi all,

I'm going to add Node 5 to our CI build later today, as that'll help detect
issues with it early on.

I'll also update our package.json files to require recent versions of Node
and Npm (as they currently say >= 0.10, although most of us use 0.12 or

If you're still using Node 0.10 (well... you should upgrade, really) then
please post here and I'll try to see if we can still keep a Node 0.10 build

With Node 5 I'm currently seeing an issue in our doc generator script (some
missing CSS, IIRC Hristo mentioned something like that too last week on the
chat) so I'll try to fix that too to get that Node 5 build going.


- Jean-Sebastien

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