Utilities PMC - 2015-11-09 Notes

Mike Dalessio

Hello CF Community!

Here is an update from the Utilities PMC, as of 2015-11-09. The full notes
are available at:


but I've reproduced them below for your convenience.

Please also join me in congratulating *Dies Köper*, of Fujitsu, who has
taken over as the PM of the CLI team after a "PM Dojo" that ended on
October 29. (*hold for applause*) Many of you know Dies from his presence
in the community and his previous contributions to Cloud Foundry, and so he
likely does not need a formal introduction.

Greg Oehmen, who previously filled the PM position for CLI, has moved into
a new role within Pivotal. I'd like to personally thank both Dies and Greg
for their amazing efforts on Cloud Foundry, and I'm looking forward Dies
helping to make a great product even better.




Dies Köper, of Fujitsu, has taken over the PM responsibilities for the CLI
team after completing a "PM Dojo" on October 29.

Dies has embarked on cleaning up the icebox (evaluating around 300 old
stories) as well as going through open Github Issues and PRs.

Congratulations, and thank you, Dies!

CLI v6.13.0 was released, which pulls Diego support into the main tool
(i.e., the Diego plugin is no longer needed).
/ Upcoming work

- Started implementing stories around Organization and Space RBAC
- Started fleshing out stories upcoming around CC v3 API
- Implemented a number of First Impressions stories:
- Simplification of the Download page
<https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cli#downloads> (making 64 bit
installers and binaries more prominent than the edge and 32 bit releases)
- Examples on how to download them with curl
- Improved filenames (added release version in filename, etc.)


- Team resource levels unstable, with one engineer added and two rolled
off. This brings up the risk of loss of knowledge and context.
- Many days this fortnight we had only 1 engineer working (others were
sick, on vacation, had jury duty calls). Low staffing to continue with
anchor visiting upcoming CF Summits.


The CF Java client work has slowed down as the team ramps up on Concourse,
but is continuing to proceed. Interested parties are invited to follow
progress in the Java Client backlog

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