Failed compiling packages during cf-215 upgrade in bosh director

Lingesh Mouleeshwaran

Hi Team , we are getting below error for few packages during cf 2215
version deployment via bosh. Please any idea to add / restore the missing
blobstores in bosh director.

Failed compiling packages >
golang1.3/e4b65bcb478d9bea1f9c92042346539713551a4a: Action Failed get_task:
Task 4f0a837d-f87d-429d-58d2-3bdc297e0251 result: Compiling package
golang1.3: Fetching package golang1.3: Fetching package blob
797ed1ec-dd77-47b0-ad70-0cb26c3f31d1: Getting blob from inner blobstore:
Getting blob from inner blobstore: Shelling out to bosh-blobstore-dav cli:
Running command: 'bosh-blobstore-dav -c
/var/vcap/bosh/etc/blobstore-dav.json get
/var/vcap/data/tmp/bosh-blobstore-externalBlobstore-Get048275605', stdout:
'Error running app - Getting dav blob 797ed1ec-dd77-47b0-ad70-0cb26c3f31d1:
Wrong response code: 404; body:

Lingesh M

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