The Performance of GoRouter


Dear all!
Recently, I do some pressure test for gorouter, here is some error in the process. My test tools is apache-ab
1. ab -n 100000 -c 100 {{app-url}}
{"timestamp":1446804570.253798485,"process_id":12734,"source":"router.proxy.request-handler","log_level":"warn","message":"proxy.endpoint.failed","data":{"Error":"dial tcp i/o timeout","Host":"","Path":"/","RemoteAddr":"","RouteEndpoint":{"ApplicationId":"b91f8135-555f-42d8-a908-4d0d589d387b","Addr":"","Tags":{"component":"dea-0"},"RouteServiceUrl":""},"X-Forwarded-For":[""],"X-Forwarded-Proto":["http"]}}
it looks like my app can not response the request, but when i send the request direct to, there is no failed request.
2. has any one do the same test? i deploy with cf_nise_install, cf_release:v217.

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