Re: How to Handle the Intersection beween Diego and CF Jobs

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, Ramon,

I don't fully understand how you're trying to deploy your CF and Diego
clusters together. Diego does need to interact with some components that
are currently deployed as part of CF, but we've currently structured Diego
as a separate deployment that integrates with those CF components. The
diego-release repo has its own manifest-generation script repo that takes
as inputs the CF deployment manifest and several other specific stubs and
produces a deployment manifest for Diego that should integrate correctly
with that CF deployment.

We also have written the Diego manifest-generation script to have more
structured inputs than the manifest-generation script in cf-release. In
particular, it takes in a defined list of input stubs, one of which
captures only specific information about your infrastructure (networks,
stemcell, cloud properties for resource pools), and another of which
captures only the instance counts of the Diego jobs. If you already have a
working CF manifest, I would suggest you try customizing those two stubs to
match your infrastructure details and desired deployment size and then use
them and your CF manifest as inputs to generate a compatible Diego
deployment manifest.

If you need some complete examples, I would recommend generating CF and
Diego manifests for BOSH-Lite first, following the instructions in the
diego-release README, and comparing them to the BOSH-Lite input stubs
located in
The manifest you mentioned in Dmitriy's Diego CPI release is over a year
old and is quite out of date. The Diego team will be working on publishing
more examples and tooling for deploying to other infrastructures, such as
AWS, in the near future.

Eric Malm, CF Runtime Diego PM

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 5:34 AM, Ramon Erb <web01(a)> wrote:

I installed CF and then found out that Diego is not included. I don't get
"generate_deployment_manifest" to work for the Diego installation because I
get "unresolved nodes" and don't know how to handle them. Therefore I tried
to create a Manifest myself because I had similar problems with the CF
installation and I was able to write a running Manifest for the CF setup
with Manifests posted somewhere.

I thought it makes no sense to generate the job "nats" and "etcd" because
they already exist in my running CF (and its manifest).
Is it possible/wise to (re)use the jobs from CF?
For the Diego-Installation I need the jobs template "file_server" how
can I integrate it in CF?

I want to install the Diego-Version:
And if that was successful switch to:
Because I want to use my own Docker-Repository.

I use this manifest for reference:
Is there another place where I can get complete Diego-Manifests for

Thank you! Nguinaro

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