Which components can be HA?

John Wong


Is http://docs.cloudfoundry.org/concepts/high-availability.html up to date?

1) Why is collector listed 1 but in scalable process table?

2) How do you run a second Health Manager in standby mode if only 1 can run
at any time?

3) Do we still need clock job? Is it also 1 instance?

4) I notice I have a job called api_workers, and I believe that's
compilation machine. I run two of these 24x7, is that necessary? The doc
said it is active if we need to compile things (say deploying a new
release). Is that all? I don't think they handle application code

5) What about syslog? Can it have 2? I understand we have to choose what to
be HA or not...I am not sure "the BOSH resurrector will recover the VM if
it becomes non-responsive" convinces me because all of these jobs are
deployed with BOSH but if BOSH is down I am facing some outage. I know Dr.
Nic has some article regarding HA bosh.

Correct me if I am wrong.



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