Re: How can i listen two or more port in an app?

Shannon Coen

We're currently working on adding support for routing to multiple app

Proposed UX can be found at the bottom of this doc, starting with step #9:

This feature is bing implemented in these epics:

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 3:58 AM, Matthew Sykes <matthew.sykes(a)>

With DEA's, you can't. With Diego, you can look at the new TCP routing
support [1] if you want the port to be accessible to everyone, all the
time, or ssh port forwarding [2] if you only want someone in the developer
role to access the imx port.

For the latter, you can look at [3] for an example of how to configure the
JVM and how to use the port forwarding mechanisms of the client.


On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 4:28 AM, yancey0623 <yancey0623(a)> wrote:

Dear all!

How can i listen two or more port in an app? such as my Java app include
two port: one is process web request and another one is a jmx port.

Matthew Sykes

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