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Alexander Lomov <alexander.lomov@...>

Hey! Nice to hear you open source your solutions.

Actually in Altoros we had a deel with such tasks, we also open sourced the solution that can be used for such purposes [1]. This is pretty straightforward script implemented in ruby and it can be deployed as an application to CF. It’s really simple and it takes advantage of cfoundry gem [2], I use it to show how easy you can customize the behavior of your cloud environment.

Still autoscaling is very complex topic and I am sure there is no common answer for everyone in this field.

Another thing I wanted to if you plan to extract you API wrapper to a separate project, just to let others use it. It would be really nice.


Thank you,
Alex L.

On Nov 2, 2015, at 7:57 AM, Nguyen Dang Minh <nguyendangminh(a)<mailto:nguyendangminh(a)>> wrote:

Hi CF nuts,

I'm from FPT Software. We've just opened source CFScaler - auto scaling feature for CloudFoundry. The repository locates here:

Auto scaling seems a high demand feature in the CF community, but we didn't find it in any open source CF distribution. So we decided to develop it ourselves. CFScaler is being used in our some workloads, it serves well enough.

There's some stuffs need to be done: code cleanup, refactor, document,... Hope it'll be ready for you guys in one week later.

CFScaler still needs to be improved, we'll public the milestone soon. At FPT Software we have CF Team and dedicated people for maintaining and developing CFScaler. All of your contributions are welcomed: code, submit issue, idea, feature request,...

Enjoy it.

Nguyen Dang Minh - 阮登明<>

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