Re: UAA branding and scope descriptions

Matthew Sykes <matthew.sykes@...>

No formal extension process currently exists to do what you're asking for.
The topic has been raised at the runtime PMC as others have similar needs.
It sounds like the identity team may have some plans to address that before
too long.

In the meantime, you can build your own login server and configure your
deployment to use it. It won't completely disable all of the branding that
exists in the UAA (another issue raised at the PMC) but my understanding is
that there are plans to address that too.

Sree, can you elaborate on any plans in this space?


On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 11:55 AM, john mcteague <john.mcteague(a)>

I have two ways in which I want to customize the UAA:

- Brand the login screen with my company L&F
- Add descriptons for custom scopes so that the access confirmation
messages are relevant (currently defined in [1] )

Do I need to fork the UAA and maintain that or is there an extension
process that I am not aware of?


[1] -

Matthew Sykes

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