How to Handle the Intersection beween Diego and CF Jobs

Nguinaro Givol

I installed CF and then found out that Diego is not included. I don't get "generate_deployment_manifest" to work for the Diego installation because I get "unresolved nodes" and don't know how to handle them. Therefore I tried to create a Manifest myself because I had similar problems with the CF installation and I was able to write a running Manifest for the CF setup with Manifests posted somewhere.

I thought it makes no sense to generate the job "nats" and "etcd" because they already exist in my running CF (and its manifest).
Is it possible/wise to (re)use the jobs from CF?
For the Diego-Installation I need the jobs template "file_server" how can I integrate it in CF?
I want to install the Diego-Version:
And if that was successful switch to:
Because I want to use my own Docker-Repository.

I use this manifest for reference:
Is there another place where I can get complete Diego-Manifests for reference?

Thank you! Nguinaro

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