Re: Problem deploying basic Apps on PWS

Charles Wu

You can also download the latest CLI.

Note all new apps deployed on PWS are defaulted to Diego as the app runner
environment. The enable-diego is only needed to switch DEA deployed apps to
use Diego.



On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 1:56 AM, Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral <
bren(a)> wrote:

Hi Charles,

You said the clue!!!
Yesterday, I updated the development and I could deploy on PWS.

From environments without Diego, the way to run a Node development is:

var localPort = process.env.VCAP_APP_PORT|| 5000;

With Diego the way is:

var localPort = process.env.PORT || 5000;

If the developer uses GO Cli, it is necessary to indicate the application
that it uses Diego:

cf push APP_XXX --no-start
cf enable-diego APP_XXX
cf start APP_XXX

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