Re: PHP extension 'gettext' doesn't work?

Guillaume Berche

I agree the inclusion of the lang pack into linuxfs2 seems best option.

I'm wondering though whether a temporary workaround could be to install the
"locales" debian package using apt-buildpack [1] (no sudo needed) and
combine it with php buildpack using the multi buildpack [2] ? I was
planning to test that for another purpose but had not the chance yet. I'm
interested in hearing the outcome.




Le 27 oct. 2015 02:41, "Hiroaki Ukaji" <dt3snow.w(a)> a écrit :


Thanks to you, I understood why i18n by gettext didn't work on CF.
Certainly, the language pack "ja_JP.utf8" only exists in my local machine..

Anyway, we're glad to hear that the debian package "locales" will be added
to the rootfs.
It will resolve this issue and then we will be able to manage i18n by
gettext extension on CF.

Thanks a lot.

Hiroaki UKAJI

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