Re: doppler issue which fails to emit logs with syslog protocol on CFv212

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hi Matsumi,

What information exactly would you like to know about the etcd events?
There error message is "Got error while waiting for ETCD events: store
request timed". This could be due to several reasons -- network issues,
etcd slowness, etcd down, etc. If etcd is down, other components would be
affected. If the network is slow for some connections, it may only affect
some components.

Several components in cf-release talk to etcd:

- doppler
- metron_agent
- syslog_drain_binder
- loggregator_trafficcontroller
- routing-api (not router)
- hm9000

Please let us know what details you'd like to know.


On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 3:40 AM, Masumi Ito <msmi10f(a)> wrote:

Hi Warren and Nino,

Let me update our status.

Yes, the root cause was the inconsistency of a bulk user id between cc and
syslog drain binder due to the bug (a hardcorded id). We confirmed the
doppler had been recovered successfully.

Also, I would appreciate the information about ETCD events.


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