Trouble enabling diego ssh in cf-release:222 diego:0.1437

Mike Youngstrom <youngm@...>

I'm working on upgrading to latest cf-release+diego and I'm having trouble
getting ssh working.

When attempting to ssh with the latest cli I get the error:

"Authorization server did not redirect with one time code"

The relevant config is:

ssh_proxy.uaa_token_url=https://{uaa server}/oauth/token

authorized-grant-types: authorization_code
autoapprove: true
override: true
redirect-uri: /login
scope: openid,,cloud_controller.write
secret: secret

When tracing the CLI I see a call to "POST /oauth/token" and a 200. It
appears that the CLI is expecting a redirect and not a 200.

Is "oauth/token" the correct uaa_token_url endpoint? Any idea why UAA
wouldn't be sending a redirect response from /oauth/token when the plugin
is expecting it?


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