[abacus] Port numbers we use in local test environments

Jean-Sebastien Delfino

Hi all,

In preparation for our final 0.0.2 rc, I've started to look into setting up
local test environments with multiple instances of each Abacus app. I found
that we don't have a documented list of the port numbers we use for testing
each app locally outside of CF, and that the configuration of these ports
is distributed in multiple files and scripts, making it a bit difficult to

So, I'm planning to clean that up sometime today, hoping to make it easier
to configure test environments with multiple instances. As a heads up, I'm
probably going to reassign some of the test ports we use, but will keep the
ports for usage submission and reporting (our public APIs) unchanged to not
break the folks that may be testing with them.

I'm also going to add that list of default test ports to a doc/ports.md


- Jean-Sebastien

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