json data and the cli

Matthew Sykes <matthew.sykes@...>

There are a number of places in the cli where a user needs to provide a
json payload to the cli. For example:


Depending on the command, the user can provide list of keys to be prompted
for, inline json, a pointer to a file containing json, or some
indeterminate combination of those options. That list bit is the problem -
there's no consistency across all of these commands.

Is there a reason why all of these commands can't use the same basic
infrastructure in the cli to provide a consistent behavior?

Also, when dealing with json data that contains new lines, it's very
painful for a human. (Think PEM encoded certificate chains as credentials
in a user provided service.) Given yaml is a superset of json, is there a
reason why we shouldn't or can't support yaml in the file representation of
the data?


Matthew Sykes

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