Custom Login Server with UAA 2.0+

Matt Cholick

Prior to the consolidation of uaa and the login server in uaa release 2.0,
we were running our own login server to handle auth to our platform. We
simply reduced the instance of the bundled CF login server to 0 and put our
own in place, which snagged the login subdomain. This worked just fine; our
solution implemented all the needed endpoints to login.

We're now upgrading to a newer release with uaa 2.0+ and having
difficulties. The uaa registrar hardcodes grabbing the login subdomains:
- login.<%= properties.domain %>
- '*.login.<%= properties.domain %>'


This prevents us from taking over login. We locally removed those list
items and our custom login server does continue to work. We have some
questions about the right approach going forward though.

Are uaa and the login server going to continue to merge: to the point where
we can no longer take over the login subdomain? Will this strategy no
longer be feasible? What's the right answer non ldap/saml environments, if
the uaa project's roadmap makes this replacement impossible?

If our current solution will continue to work for the foreseeable future,
would the uaa team be amenable to a pull-request making the uri values
configurable, so we can continue to take over the login subdomain?

-Matt Cholick

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