Re: [abacus] Configuring Abacus applications

Piotr Przybylski <piotrp@...>

The follow up question - if we initialize abacus and start submissions this month (October) the accumulator seems to require previous month DB partition. Is that expected ? 


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From: Piotr Przybylski/Burlingame/IBM
Date: 10/21/2015 09:04AM
Subject: [abacus] Configuring Abacus applications

couple of questions about configuring Abacus, specifically the recommended settings and how to configure them

- is there a recommended minimal number of instances of Abacus applications
- how would above depend on expected number of submissions or documents to be processed
- is there a dependency between number of instances of applications i.e. do they have to match 
- what is the default and recommended number of DB partitions and how can they be configured (time based as well as key based)
- how would above depend on expected number of documents

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