Re: Diego and Maven support

Daniel Mikusa


Ah, OK. That explains it then. I don't believe that the cf java client
v1.x or the Maven plugin have support for the health check functions. You
would need to do that with the cf cli. Version 6.13+ has it in the core.
Older versions require the Diego-Beta plugin.

Fortunately, you only need to set the health check once. As long as your
not deleting and recreating the application, it'll remember the selection
and you should be able to continue pushing with Maven.

Thanks for pointing this out though. I'll make a note of this use case in
our migration KB.


On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 2:32 AM, Krzysztof Wilk <chris.m.wilk(a)>

Hello Dan,

In my recent log I have found the following issue:
[INFO] 2015-10-18T14:16:02.329+0200 [HEALTH] OUT healthcheck failed
[INFO] 2015-10-18T14:16:02.330+0200 [HEALTH] OUT Exit status 1

Prior attempting to push application with Maven I have disabled health
cf set-health-check KrzysztofWilkCurrencyConverter none

Relevant snippet of my Maven configuration (pom.xml) looks as follows:

All variables are resolved correctly.

Should I also disable health check via Maven? How should I do it?

Best regards,

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