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We announce the PWS's CF version on

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If you encounter any issues please contact support(a) Pivotal
Web Services is the latest public release of the OSS Cloud Foundry Project
The current release of Cloud Foundry deployed on PWS is v210 on 23 May
2015. Details about this release can be found at the Cloud Foundry
community wiki which is located at:

When you click on the link and go to the release note for v210, there
you'll see:

Compatible Diego Version

- final release 0.1247.0 commit

And this is the version of Diego deployed along side the specific CF


On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 1:53 PM, Daniel Mikusa <dmikusa(a)> wrote:

I was testing an app on Diego today and part of the test was for the app
to fail. I simulated this by putting some garbage into the `-c` argument
of `cf push`. This had the right effect and my app failed.

At the same time, I was tailing the logs in another window. While I got
my logs, I also got a hundreds of lines like this...

2015-05-27T16:46:01.64-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT healthcheck failed
2015-05-27T16:46:01.65-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT Exit status 1
2015-05-27T16:46:02.19-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT healthcheck failed
2015-05-27T16:46:02.19-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT Exit status 1
2015-05-27T16:46:02.74-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT healthcheck failed
2015-05-27T16:46:02.74-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT Exit status 1

Is that expected? It seems to add a lot of noise.

Sorry, I don't know the exact version of Diego. I was testing on PWS.



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