Different behaviour in Login with Pivotal and Bluemix

Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral <bren at juanantonio.info...>

I am doing some tests to get the token required in any operation using CF API and yesterday, I noticed a difference between the login process in Pivotal and the same process in Bluemix.

CF API in Pivotal:

has defined a URL to get token:

and Bluemix has the same behaviour:

In Pivotal and using local instance from CF, it is possible to authenticate with the URL:

but in bluemix:

I can't do the same thing.

Using the field: authorization_endpoint from: https://api.eu-gb.bluemix.net/v2/info
"authorization_endpoint":"https://login.eu-gb.bluemix.net/UAALoginServerWAR" it is possible to get token but why in bluemix the auth process using the UAA is disabled or it is not running in the same way that other CF instances?

Juan Antonio

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