Diego Question

Daniel Mikusa

I was testing an app on Diego today and part of the test was for the app to
fail. I simulated this by putting some garbage into the `-c` argument of
`cf push`. This had the right effect and my app failed.

At the same time, I was tailing the logs in another window. While I got my
logs, I also got a hundreds of lines like this...

2015-05-27T16:46:01.64-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT healthcheck failed
2015-05-27T16:46:01.65-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT Exit status 1
2015-05-27T16:46:02.19-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT healthcheck failed
2015-05-27T16:46:02.19-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT Exit status 1
2015-05-27T16:46:02.74-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT healthcheck failed
2015-05-27T16:46:02.74-0400 [HEALTH/0] OUT Exit status 1

Is that expected? It seems to add a lot of noise.

Sorry, I don't know the exact version of Diego. I was testing on PWS.



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