Need Help: Seeking tutorial on CF and WordPress Multisite

v Bailey

I am totally green about asking the proper question so here's what I'm researching...

I'm a decently adept web designer who specializes in WordPress. I would like to pursue some larger clients and offer to move their sites to the cloud (as well as perform their makeovers, of course) but in a couple of cases, the organizations have multiple branches, each with their own website, and it seems to make sense to use Multisite instead of individual websites. That said, I've never used Multisite so my concern is how does it work to create multiple websites+database for a single client...on the cloud?

I suspect I should be asking more but since I don't entirely understand what the setup should be I'll start with a simple initial question. I'd LOVE to hear some insight into how to setup these kind of clients.

Please be gentle with me, I bruise easy. Simple explanations get more mileage with me. Thank you kindly in advance!!

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