Re: REST API endpoint for accessing application logs

Warren Fernandes

Hi Ponraj,

For #1
The guid that gets printed out is the boundary for the multi-part message. When we serve the recent logs we create a multipart writer here( which creates a random boundary here ( You can see this in the headers if you run the curl command with a -v flag.

For #2
I'm guessing since the content type is set to "multipart/x-protobuf", the data might not be getting decoded properly. However, if you use the noaa library we unmarshal the data correctly here (

For #3
The error you are getting is from the net/url package here ( which is called when we do a ParseURIRequest here ( I even tried various ways to get that error in the playground ( The only way I could replicate your error easily was to include the quotes in the doppler address. I'm hoping this is not a Windows thing because my testing happens to be on Mac OS X.

Hope this helps.

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