Cloud Foundry being used for an EU social learning games platform

Christopher Frost

I stumbled across this and though other people might be interested.
ProSocialLearn is an EU funded project to help children learn positive
social skills through social gaming. Here is a quote from there "System
Requirements and Architecture" document available on there website.

"Continuing up the technology architecture stack, PSL is still exploring a
number of open alternatives for building up a robust PaaS layer. However,
during the editing of this deliverable, the ProSocialLearn consortium is
already beginning to investigate the Cloud Foundry community (almost a de
facto standard for Platform as a Service environments). PSL is planning to
integrate the Cloud Foundry technology into the added value services of
PSL. Cloud Foundry provides a platform that allows game providers and game
operators to deploy, manage and scale cloud-based games quickly, and easily.

They have a Git repo where they are working on a NodeJS based client for
the CF API and a Node based CF web console. This work seems to be being
done by one developer from one of the consortium members based in Spain,
Madrid. They have also released a proof of concept game as well but it
doesn't look like they have formally launched yet.



Christopher Frost - Pivotal UK
Java Buildpack Team

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