Re: Diego and Maven support

Daniel Mikusa

Can you explain what you mean by "stopped working"? Are you getting an error? Can you include output?

The push process hasn't changed, so that should continue to work. I'm not sure you can use the maven client to switch between DEAs and Diego, but you only need to do that once. So you could manually do that and then push with Maven.


On Oct 18, 2015, at 4:51 PM, Krzysztof Wilk <chris.m.wilk(a)> wrote:


Until today I have been a happy user of CloudFoundry Maven plugin version 1.1.2:

It worked for me pretty well.

Unfortunately after having migrated my application from PWS to Diego, this plugin stopped working for me.

cf command line client works well, as expected.

Does the Maven plugin support Diego or should I have to wait until its 2.0 relase?

Thanks for replies,


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