[abacus] Abacus v0.0.2-rc.1 available

Jean-Sebastien Delfino

I'm happy to announce the availability of CF Abacus v0.0.2-rc.1

Abacus provides usage metering and aggregation for Cloud Foundry services
and app runtimes.

This release candidate is for the interested members of the community to
get a chance to try Abacus and ask any questions or submit issues and pull
requests in the next few days before we cut a final v0.0.2 release.

The pre-release Git tag and release notes can be found on Github:

The CI build can be found on Travis CI:

The npm modules can be found on npmjs:

Please feel free to ask any questions about this pre-release of Abacus on
this list. We'll also start a few threads on the list sometime next week to
discuss the design of some of the features we've included in v0.0.2.
Finally, issues or -- even better -- pull requests are welcome on Github!

For more info on Abacus please visit:


- Jean-Sebastien

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