Re: "application_version" is changed although source code is not changed.

CF Runtime

application_version is mostly an internal cloud foundry concern. The DEAs
broadcast the application version they are running, and the health manager
uses that with what version it expects to be running to converge the system
on the desired state.

Restarting the app is supposed to terminate the old instances and start the
new ones, so they new ones get a new application version so they are
separate from the old.

CF Release Integration Team

On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Hiroaki Ukaji <dt3snow.w(a)> wrote:

I have a question about a json field "application_version" in an

By intuition, "application_version" should be only changed when there is
some update for an application.
Actually, when an application is terminated for some reasons and restarted
automatically, "application_version" remain unchanged.

As far as I see it, however, "application_version" is changed when I "cf
restart" my application i.e. CCNG should use the same droplet so there are
no differences from the one before deployment.

If it is possible, could someone please tell me the intention about this


Hiroaki UKAJI

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