Re: considering changing response code on deletes on v2 end points

Michael Fraenkel <michael.fraenkel@...>

The status codes are pretty consistent. What is being affected are
related, aka, nested routes which always returned a 201 on DELETE. Any
delete on a resource returns a 204 if done immediately or 202 if its
queued. In some cases you have the option of specifying whether the
delete should be queued via the async query parameter.

On 10/15/15 1:26 AM, Dieu Cao wrote:
On further review, there's a mix of return codes currently returned on
Some end points that return 204's on delete(apps, buildpacks, spaces,
Some end points that return 201 (remove a route from an app, remove a
service binding from an app, remove a user from an org or a space)
The new asynchronous service deletion, returns a 202.
I agree it's a useful distinction and something to consider if we were
to address this issue on v2 endpoints.

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