Recording of this morning's CF CAB call - 14th Oct 2015

Whelan, Phil <phillip.whelan@...>


In case you missed it...

Agenda / notes….

Chat room...

drnic @ starkandwayne1: Hey hey all

drnic @ starkandwayne1: How do I get a calendar feed that has correct dial in details?

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drnic @ starkandwayne1: Got dial in from agenda

Chris(a)IBM: where is all of this?

Marco N. @ Pivotal: @drnic, do you use google calendar? This should(?) work?

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drnic @ starkandwayne1: marco, thx will try

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drnic @ starkandwayne1: marco - that is calendar of PMC meetings

drnic @ starkandwayne1: Can someone please add the .ical feed for meetings into the top of the agenda doc?

Marco N. @ Pivotal: @drnic, sorry I goofed. Try this:

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Marco N. @ Pivotal: If you accept, I'll put it in the agenda doc as well

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1: marco, looks good

Marco N. @ Pivotal: cool

drnic @ starkandwayne1: added

pivotal room: Servcie Core update from Marco is now

drnic @ starkandwayne1: marco - your manifest fixes for registrar errand will go into upstream broker-registrar repo? being able to select which plans are public by default would be good

drnic @ starkandwayne1: shannon - cool re router access for brokers

drnic @ starkandwayne1: shannon super cool on multi ports

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drnic @ starkandwayne1: What is the URL to CAB call minutes/blog from September? Which blog is it going to?

pivotal room: @Phil can you update Dr.Nic on last month's blog

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drnic @ starkandwayne1: To get GH issues for conversations, I think ppl need to "Watch" each repo

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1: Are we going to continue using both Consul and ETCD?

drnic @ starkandwayne1: why?

drnic @ starkandwayne1: remote urls for releases is lovely

drnic @ starkandwayne1: to see added

Marco N. @ Pivotal: Nobody's talking about the elephant on the call

julz: there's an elephant on the call? []

Chris(a)IBM: aaahhhhhRRRRRrrrraaaahhhh

shinichiNakagawa(a)NTT: mute: *6

Phil Whelan: @drnic I wasn't able to write up the notes last month. I sent a recording of the call to the cf-dev@ mailing list though

drnic @ starkandwayne1: amit, there is an existing bosh release for route-registrar; perhaps promote it if you want it; else we can drop it

Chris(a)IBM: @phil, we'll let it slip just this once

Chris(a)IBM: []

drnic @ starkandwayne1: @phil oh cool re a recording; will go look

Deepak Vij: Question for Simon Moser regarding project Flintstone that talks about port to Ruby 2.2.3 & JRuby. It came to our attention that current CC component does not take advantage of multi-CPU/Cores environment. This may be due to the fact that Ruby MRI GIL provides thread-safety guarantees though at the cost of overall performance degradation. Is this the reason current ports to other Ruby versions are being looked at? Deepak Vij Huawei

Simon Moser @ IBM: @Deepak Vij: yes, thats one reason, although ruby 2.2.3 and jRuby are two separate issues. 2.2.3 is just "up to date maintenance", whereas jRuby really is aimed at improving performance

Simon Moser @ IBM: concurrency performance

Simon Moser @ IBM: I'll talk about the results and challenges so far when I get called out in the call

Deepak Vij: Thanks simon

Phil Whelan: @drnic to save you searching []

drnic @ starkandwayne1: thx

Simon Moser @ IBM: @Jim Campbell: can you confirm that , by changing UPD to TCP in the backend - that change won't affect any existing doppler firehose clients - correct ?

drnic @ starkandwayne1: perhaps a shared bosh-lite isn't best performance testing env

drnic @ starkandwayne1: jruby/jvm will want lots of ram to be happy?

drnic @ starkandwayne1: what performance improvements did upgrading to mri 2.2.3 give?

Simon Moser @ IBM: we didn't measure around 2.2.3

drnic @ starkandwayne1: drmax - There is an Others section in agenda

Simon Moser @ IBM: and the bosh lite isn't shared, its dedicated for this effort. We have two equal VMs, oneMRI and one jRuby to do the comparison, but this I agree this isn't an ideal environment (it was intended to give us a ballpark figure to make the decision, but we expected a bigger difference than 20%)

drnic @ starkandwayne1: Simon - I mean the host vm is shared amongst all warden containers

drnic @ starkandwayne1: garden

drnic @ starkandwayne1: and local networking, which you mentioned

drnic @ starkandwayne1: pretty quick to spin up dedicated CF - perhaps try terraform-aws-cf-install repo

Simon Moser @ IBM: got it - yes, we are aware of that. We thought it might be good enough for the ballpark, but maybe that was wrong

drnic @ starkandwayne1: MRI is constantly improving its performance

Simon Moser @ IBM: we should try that terraform thing

drnic @ starkandwayne1: And this comes from the person who promoted JRuby to the world during my time at Engine Yard

Simon Moser @ IBM: lol

Simon Moser @ IBM: and yes, we're aware of the MRI improvements - like I said, we expected bigger differences

drnic @ starkandwayne1: perhaps ping Jruby team - they might suggest some tuning

Simon Moser @ IBM: ok

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1:

drnic @ starkandwayne1: ?

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drnic @ starkandwayne1: xoxo all y'all

pivotal room: bye

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