Utilties PMC - 2015-10-14 Notes

Mike Dalessio

Hello CF Community!

Here are the latest notes from the Utilities PMC. They're permanently
available at


but I've reproduced them below for your convenience.



Utilities PMC Notes 2015-10-14
of Contents

1. CLI
2. Java Utilities
3. CI Tooling


- Nearly done with Diego support
- Upcoming work around Organization and Space RBAC
- Upcoming work around CC v3 API



Work has started in earnest on cf-java-client v2
<https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/816799>. Official
announcement will go out to cf-dev@ soon.

Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry ("CFT") repo is now avilable at
github.com/eclipse/cft. The transition is fully explained here


- CF-Dreddbot and CF-Gitbot ("the bots") are now being continuously
deployed via a Concourse pipeline. Making these pipelines public is pending
on making sure credentials aren't being leaked.
- The Bots are also hooked into papertrail to make sure that if any
webhooks are missed, the Toolsmiths will receive an alert.
- Nearly done with an OSS release of a "cron" concourse resource.

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